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Breathwork Facilitator, Women's Circle Holder, Intuitive Artist, Self-Healer, Sober Warrior.

I believe deeply that we are our own healers, and I’m here to show you how to access the heart medicine within you.

When working with me you are working with someone who ‘gets it’. My journey through, and recovery from, substance addiction, self-harm, depression and developmental trauma has gifted me a unique insight into our wondrous ability as humans to heal ourselves, and an unshakeably solid foundation to hold space for your pain with limitless compassion and empathy. 

Breathwork is the yellow brick road to the home within yourself. On the other side of the breath is a place of self-discovery, of clarity, of pure love. It is my deepest joy and privilege to share this with you.



Discover the alchemic power of your own breath with 1:1 healing sessions, or collectively in women's circles.

We can spend decades trying to run from our pain, too afraid to face ourselves, too afraid to truly go within. We try and hide from our own shadow, often using alcohol, drugs, food, sex, self-harm, shopping, numbing, scrolling – anything to escape ourselves, to escape our feelings. But our shadow is attached to us, it’s part of us, and it’s not going anywhere.


In our attempts to run, hide and untether ourselves from our pain we only bury ourselves deeper beneath layers and layers of sadness, suffering and shame.  The more we try and flee, the more we interminably imprison ourselves.


The only way out is through – to face our pain, our stories and our trauma. Because on the other side of pain is freedom.


Alone this can feel way too daunting, too overwhelming, too terrifying, but with support and guidance you will feel tenderly held and able to uncover your innate courage, compassion and tenacity.


The Soul Library is a book-lover’s weekly healing circle, where together we journey through soul-nourishing, spiritual books.

Imagine having a team of personal cheerleaders, supporting and encouraging you through your buoyancy and your joy, through your struggles and your pain. A circle of women walking with you, championing you, no matter what mood you’re in or what’s going on in your life.


This is an enchantingly tender space, free from judgement, interjection or advice. In circle we listen with our hearts, not our heads. We see ourselves mirrored in each other’s stories, we witness the full rainbow of human emotion, and we experience in a deeply embodied way that we are not alone.


Our sometimes solitary journeys become interwoven, pouring honey on our hearts and igniting fire in our bellies. We are gifted the energetic infusion to transform and to be transformed.


Our aim is not to ‘fix’ ourselves, but to make peace with the ebbs and flows of growth, of life and transitions, of being human.


The Soul Library seamlessly and wondrously weaves together the magic of books and the ancient sorcery of Circles.


The ancient art of drawing mandalas seamlessly weaves together creativity and relaxation, making it a truly unique and inspiring mindfulness practice.

Drawing mandalas is a beautifully intricate, almost hypnotic, meditative experience which can gently help to shut out both inside and outside noise. 


These in-person workshops offer an immersive, truly enchanting experience in a lovingly decorated rainbow art studio, surrounded by twinkly lights, lots of plants and free flowing herbal teas and coffee. Drift off into a thought-free landscape against a backdrop of chilled out, soul-nourishing melodies.


You will learn how to create your own mandala, on an upcycled 7″ vinyl record, and take home your completed piece.


When working with me you are working with someone who ‘gets it’. With a history of substance addiction, self-harm, depression and developmental trauma, I have known suffering.


My life experiences and personal healing journey have gifted me a unique insight into the shared woundedness and astounding brilliance of our humanity. I have personally experienced and witnessed in others our miraculous capacity to heal ourselves.


Ever in awe of this capacity to heal I created a collection of greeting cards to celebrate sobriety milestones and mental health recovery. The artwork is all my own – imbued with an outpouring of love and whole-hearted gratitude for life.

Want to live with more peace, more ease, more flow?

If you’re feeling frazzled and frayed, lost and longing for emotional stability, stuck, stagnant and searching for balance, you’re in the right place.


I’m here to guide you home within yourself.


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To the rebels and the weirdos, the misfits and the black sheep, the outsiders and the lost, the disconnected and the disillusioned. I see you. I am you. I'm here for you.

May you find your own yellow brick road, to guide you home within yourself.

May you dissolve your dalliance with self-doubt and develop an unwavering trust with the whispers of your soul.

May you find ways to honour your truth, not the truth of others or the truth you think you should honour.

May you have the courage to be disliked, to release the shackles of other people’s expectations and approval.

May you boldly and bravely bend with the wind, feeling the fluidity and freedom of new ideas and new patterns.

May you experience the rainbow of human emotion free from shame, ‘shoulds’ and blame.

May you know your value, your inherent glory and your worth, beyond the accolades, the achievements and the praise.

May you embark on a love affair with your needs and feelings, tenderly unearthing their invitation for nurturance and attention.

May you feel anchored, rooted & supported in love, witnessed and appreciated for your rainbow and your shadow.

And may you know deeply in your heart that you are not alone.

All my love,