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A little story of synchronicity

I always think it’s wondrous to weave back through time, to piece together our chance encounters and perceive the previously unseeable through eyes afresh.
My story wouldn’t be my story without the unanticipated and unorchestrated paths I’ve crossed. I surely wouldn’t be here today had I been puppeteering the whole thing.
This tiny glimpse into my experience of serendipity started in Berlin, where I got sober.
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Shortly before my ‘last night’ I was introduced to a friend of a friend who attended English speaking NA. Had I never met this person, I would never have known that an English speaking fellowship existed in Germany. The possibility of sobriety would have been an elusive myth.
Fast forward to a few years later. An old sponsor of mine, now living back in the US, becomes a Breathwork facilitator. I read about this transformational practice and am drawn unequivocally to exploring it. But it costs $200 a session. So I wait. And wait. And wait.
More years pass and then one day, I’m attending a women’s circle in Leicester and the beautiful human holding the space turns out to be a Breathwork facilitator. I know in my bones it’s the same type (there are so many different ones) and I book a 1:1 session with her.
What transpires is one of the most mind-expanding, heart-opening, thought-silencing experiences of my life. It burst me wide open and from that day I knew I’d found my ‘thing’. It was only a matter of time before I trained in it so I could share it with others.
Then I hear my teacher talk about her teacher suggesting she had vocal coaching / singing lessons, and this little piece of information sits heavily but enthusiastically in my consciousness….
Until I join a choir. Directed by a man I’d heard sing several years previously at an event I’d been face painting at. The universe had been guiding me back then too, I was just too timid to listen.
Now we all know how much choir has changed my life. But I also started to have 1:1 singing lessons, and over time began to immerse myself even more deeply into this world. With the cheerleading and encouragement of more beautiful humans I leaned into unimaginable fear and began untangling even more trauma narratives. I auditioned for a chorus and passed. The seemingly impossible yet again became possible.
I believe experiences like this rearrange us on an invisible level, within our cells, within our bones. Because two weeks later I knew I was now ready to hold a group Breathwork session, something I’d been fearing and delaying. Something that felt insurmountable now felt effortless. I’d questioned my capacities, now I trusted myself completely.
To recognise, acknowledge and appreciate this magic at work is so central to my being. I know I am but a tiny cog. It’s delicious to be in awe and even more so to be in gratitude.
Have you time travelled too and seen the magic in your life? It’s everywhere and in everything if we look for it.

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