Breathwork singing retreat venue in Loughborough, UK

Breathwork and Singing Retreat 2024

For some experiences, words just seem so insufficient. The words I use right now for our Breathwork and Singing Retreat are just a temporary placeholder for an experience I know will stay in my heart and bones for years to come.
To quote one of our participants, Magical is an understatement.
Holding a retreat was never something I ‘wanted’ to do.
It wasn’t something conjured into being by thought or by ambition, but by trust – by leaning into the steps laid out in front of me by the stars, by the universe, and by the people put in my path who I couldn’t forsee.
What unfolded in the most organic way was something so wonderful, so ethereally beautiful, so deeply and profoundly connecting. I think each of us departed the Breathwork and Singing Retreat with a slightly softer heart and a little bit changed.
circle centrepiece with flowers, candles, oracle cards for Breathwork and Singing retreat
Both Breathwork and singing have been life-altering for me. Both have burst my previously hardened heart wide open. I once said in early recovery I didn’t think I was capable of love. I’m so very, very glad I was wrong.
It was therefore the most natural thing in the world to create an offering interweaving these two things, and to co-create and to co-facilitate it with Simon Lubkowski was the only conceivable way. My gratitude for him saying yes is boundless.
Gift bags full of love and sunshine for Breathwork and Singing retreat
Flower arranging for Breathwork and Singing retreat
Circle centrepiece magic for Breathwork and Singing retreat
circle centrepiece with flowers, candles, oracle cards for Breathwork and Singing retreat
Ivy strewn dining tables for Breathwork and Singing retreat
Group Breathwork circle at Breathwork and Singing retreat
Glorious sunlight streaming in at Breathwork and Singing retreat UK
Group Breathwork at Breathwork and Singing retreat in Leicestershire

The synergy of our sessions seemed to flow in an enchantingly tender way. What I believe we all experienced throughout the weekend was a harmonious fusion of joy, grief, affirmation, and boundless possibility – felt, expressed and released through our voices and through our breath, in an atmosphere of pure love and acceptance.

My intention for the retreat was to create a space for each and every person to feel loved and to feel held, knowing and trusting that I was receiving the same from the universe (and from Simon). To expect the unexpected and to lean in and let go.

I keep using the words ‘seamless magic’ but that’s exactly how it felt. Something that could have felt overwhelming and terrifying (I’ve never had 30+ pairs of eyes on me before, or held space for that many breathing bodies) just felt effortless and it felt RIGHT.

Olivia Mendoza wearing a yellow tshirt, leading a Breathwork sharing circle
People lying down doing Breathwork, and a circle centrepiece of flowers and candles
Inspirational words for the year ahead, written on mdf monstera leaves, for Breathwork and Singing retreat
Words of intention for 2024, written on green mdf leaves, surrounded by dried flowers, candles, oracle cards
The word Connection, written on a turquoise mdf monstera leaf, oracle card The Lover, and dried flowers
Breathwork facilitator holding a session on retreat
People lying down doing Breathwork
Two female friends laughing and drinking hot chocolate
Breakout groups of three people, for sharing in smaller circles at the retreat
Two women sharing laughs and drinking hot chocolate at the retreat

The whole thing needed to feel enchanting, like a fairy tale bubble of support and nurturance, so the venue had to be perfect. I searched for months and months to find the bricks and mortar version of my vision, and I do believe I found it.

From the earthy wooden floors to the copious strings of fairy lights, from the candles, flowers and oracle cards comprising the mesmerisingly beautiful centrepiece (created by my dear friend Vanessa) to the boutique bedrooms and open fires, it all felt like a dream.

Simon Lubkowski leading a singing session at the retreat
3 male basses holding song lyrics, singing together at the retreat
Olivia Mendoza wearing a yellow tshirt, with a big smile on her face, absorbed in the singing session at the retreat
lady with grey hair, wearing rainbow trousers, sitting on a swing attached to a tree
two ladies sitting on a bench at the retreat, deep in conversation
lady with blonde hair and a beanie hat, with a big smile, swinging on a swing
the first snowdrops of 2024
Olivia mendoza and Simon Lubkowski hugging a tree together
lady with tattoos helping herself to breakfast buffet at the retreat
communal meal at a long table, strewn with ivy and fairy lights
vegan roast dinner at the retreat
lady with grey hair smiling, enjoying her soup
Olivia Mendoza and some other retreat participants eating breakfast together

In the days that follow I’m left carrying the deepest sense of awe and gratitude for what just happened. For all the incredible people who attended (some of whom we’d never met before), showing up so fully and open-heartedly, and entrusting the two of us to hold the space for them. Each and every one of them were shining stars.

I think it’s safe to say we all came away from the weekend with a deeply embodied sense of possibility, an openness to new opportunities, and a heartfelt excitement at the prospect of doing it all again! and co-creating more alchemy and wonder.

Olivia Mendoza in a purple and pink sweater and Simon Lubkowski sitting on a bench, surrounded by snowdrops

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