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Like many others at this time, I have found myself needing to be unquestionably malleable. Instead of focusing on what isn’t possible I’ve had to focus on what is. How can I best adapt? How can I still share my world of colour and healing with you, in a different, not-yet-envisaged way?


One of these ways has been to produce a set of free downloadable colouring pages for you: Oasis in the Chaos mandalas 💖

Each of my mandalas is drawn totally free-hand. There’s no planning, no measuring, no computers. Just me and my pen.


It’s a beautiful, hypnotic meditative practise that seamlessly weaves together creativity and relaxation, one in which I can lose myself for hours.

free colouring pages mandala

There’s currently 12 mandala designs, all available here. Free if you can’t afford it, and an opportunity to ‘buy me a coffee’ if you have the funds. Either way, I am delighted and excited to finally share these with you!

Colouring pages offer a beautiful, creative way to practise mindfulness – to silence the mind whilst deep in concentration. My mandalas are intended to provide a much needed oasis in the current global chaos, hence the name! My ‘Oasis in the Chaos’ mandalas can all be found here.

My mandalas can be coloured in as a solitary activity, in pairs or in groups. Stuck for lockdown activities for yourself and the kids? Try setting some time aside to colour in some mandalas together. It’s super peaceful and might just keep them quiet for a few minutes. It might also provide you with an oasis of calm!

Or are you a teacher struggling to find activities for the kids of key workers in your care? These free mandala colouring pages may just be the perfect resource for you. There is NO LIMIT on the number of free downloads, so please feel free to download as many as you need, as often as you need.

Drawing and colouring mandalas is a gorgeous, hypnotic way to practise mindfulness meditation. It is an opportunity to direct and focus our awareness on the present moment, unobstructed and undistracted by anything else. It is an effortless act of self care which happens to also yield some glorious, colourful results.

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