It is with the deepest joy and excitement that I bring to you my FREE online healing circles for Sober Women in Recovery.


I’m now in my 12th year of recovery and as my own healing has deepened, so many new and exciting paths have opened up for me. My wish is to remain deeply embedded in this wondrous journey and to be able to share it with you.


Each circle is lovingly crafted around a spiritual theme eg. Self-Love, Self- Trust, Boundaries, and held around the New Moon. The circles are 90 mins long.


Saturday 13th March 2021

5.30-7pm UK 

Theme: Self-Trust


Through an intricately woven sequence of meditation, sharing, journaling and ritual, we will explore together the theme of Self-Trust –


• what it means to us personally

• what blocks us from trusting our intuition

• how to cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves


This circle is designed to create a very warm, loving and deeply nurturing space, in which you are free to share as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

It is a space to show up and allow ourselves to be held and witnessed as we truly are. A space in which we can drop our masks and just be our glorious, shining, authentic, wounded, brilliant selves.


It is a space for connection, conversation, understanding, and love.




My intention is to keep my circles small, with a maximum of 11 spaces available. This ensures that everyone is gifted the opportunity to share with their voice, not just the chat box. It also ensures a more intimate and trusting space.


To claim your FREE space in my next healing circle for Sober Women in Recovery, simply register here.


The Zoom link for the circle will then be emailed all attendees.


I’m so looking forward to welcoming you.


All my love,

Olivia is passionate about all things healing. Having spent the last 12 years on a personal recovery journey from substance abuse and self-harming, she has a uniquely gentle and compassionate insight into this world.


She believes that connection with others and connection with ourselves is at the root of all healing and uses different modalities to explore this essential truth – 1:1 and group Breathwork, women’s healing circles, creative arts.