Spirituality of singing

The Healing Power of Singing | Co-regulation in choirs

I sometimes wonder what it is exactly that I love so much about singing in a choir. To come together in song, our voices entwined, our hearts interwoven, our bodies breathing in unison. To be fully immersed in the moment, wrapped up in dreamy harmonies, no timeline to tread. We are no longer separate. We are one.
spirituality of singing
Most humans I know share many of the same core beliefs. There’s a universality in our self-perception, our self-evaluations, that seems to exist in spite of our circumstances. I am not good enough. I am separate. I don’t belong.
But when we join together in song, dropping out of our heads and into our hearts, we start to dissolve the stories that stifle us. We seamlessly navigate that inner pilgrimage from head to heart without analysis or effort. We alchemise our disconnection into community. We occupy our whole being with fervour. We surrender our spirits to the sum of our parts.
Our hearts are our tenderest parts. The space where we let love in, where we bathe in the weightlessness of light, and the space where we can feel most broken. Our hearts house our wounds, and we so often drape a veil around our vulnerability, erroneously attempting to stand in our sovereignty. Our fear of being seen keeps us solitary.
spirituality of singing
It is when we meet in this vulnerable place that our connection is most palpable, our sense of separation dissipates, and our immeasurable joy is experienced. Singing side by side together, our words waltz us into one beating being.
Our voices are a gateway, externalising the internal, the hidden. We are literally turning ourselves inside out, illuminating our shadows for all to see. It’s scary, sometimes excruciatingly vulnerable, but always oh so exhilarating.
What if this fairy tale of fragmentation is actually true? What if we’re all just sensing deeply a departure from where we emerged? Until we can wander alone into the depths of our consciousness and experience that sense of oneness with our life force, feel the pulse of the universe within our veins, we get to do it together. We get to come back home.

Feel called to sing in a choir? My wondrous local choir in Clarendon Park, Leicester is always open to new members! Knighton Community Choir is led by the awe-inspiringly talented Simon Lubkowski and we meet every Thursday at Brice Memorial Hall on Queens Rd.

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