Each of my offerings is born out of my own personal healing journey. A bountiful tapestry of Breathwork, Community and Creativity has been instrumental in my unfurling.


Breathwork is an active breathing meditation technique that bypasses our thinking brain, quiets the incessant mind chatter and allows us to drop into our bodies. Instead of listening to our heads as we usually do, Breathwork gifts us the opportunity to really hear our hearts.


Breathwork is heart medicine.


This breath is not about relaxation – it is about uncovering, unfurling, undoing. It is about deep healing.


The Soul Library seamlessly and enchantingly weaves together the magic of books and the ancient sorcery of Circles.


A book-lover’s weekly healing circle, where together we journey through soul-nourishing spiritual books.


For busy people with busy minds – an oasis in the chaos.


These in-person workshops offer an immersive, truly enchanting experience in a lovingly decorated rainbow art studio, surrounded by twinkly lights, lots of plants and free flowing herbal teas and coffee. Drift off into a thought-free landscape against a backdrop of chilled out, soul-nourishing melodies.


You will learn how to create your own mandala, on an upcycled 7″ vinyl record, and take home your completed piece.