If you’re feeling stuck, lost or ungrounded, if you’re needing to be seen, held and understood, if your wounds are feeling really raw right now, if you’re feeling disconnected from yourself/ your soul/ higher self/ Spirit, if you’re needing a deeply enriching emotional release, then Breathwork can help.
Breathwork is the most powerful healing modality I have ever experienced in my 12 years of searching.


Transformational Breathwork is an active breathing meditation technique that bypasses our thinking brain, quiets the incessant mind chatter and allows us to drop into our bodies. Instead of listening to our heads as we usually do, Breathwork gifts us the opportunity to really hear our hearts.
This exquisite practise weaves its metamorphic magic in unimaginable, inconceivable ways.
By inducing an alternate state of consciousness, Breathwork has the capacity to create:

 • energetic sensations and emotional revelations where there was pain and indecision

 • profound inspiration & direction where there was emptiness and stagnancy

 • awe-inspiring expansion with floods of self-love where there was constriction and despair

It’s a practise that bypasses our cognitive and intellectual attempts to ‘fix’ ourselves and one that heals us at an invisible cellular level. 

Breathwork can support in:

• the release of buried emotions  

• developing healthier thought patterns

• creating a new perspective on old behaviour

• dissolving defences and opening the heart

• experiencing revelations and seeing previously unseen connections

• making space for clarity where there was confusion

• addiction recovery


Words can neither conjure nor convey the alchemic power of Breathwork. It needs to be experienced to be believed.


If you’d like to experience the magical capacities of your own breath – the heart medicine that lies within you – I am available for 1:1 healing sessions as well as group Breathwork.

The pranayama yogic breath I work with is taught by world renowned master David Elliott, with whom I trained. This breath is not about relaxation – it is about uncovering, unfurling, undoing. It is about deep healing.


1:1 sessions are typically 75 mins long.
We will start with conversation – to uncover what’s currently weighing on your heart and what feels difficult right now – then move into the active breath for 25 mins during which I will intuitively guide and support you.
This is followed by a deliciously nourishing 10-15 min relaxation and integration, after which there will be time for questions and sharing about your experience.


This is a deeply nurturing space – an enveloping bubble of support – utilising the magic of Breathwork to explore your emotional landscape.


We meet weekly for the first month, then fortnightly for the next two months.


In between sessions you will have 1:1 support from me including, but not limited to, intuitively created bespoke journal prompts, suggested supportive solo practices and actions, texts and voice notes.


“Breathwork has been a revelation – a powerful source for self discovery and deep healing. The whole experience goes way beyond using active breath to engage the body with healing.  

Cognitively the shift in destructive thought processing has been incredible.  I have been able to reflect clearly on every topic I have brought to the sessions and identify a methodology to move forward with positive actions.

Olivia is a wonderful guide. She creates a safe space to explore whatever you want to bring to the session.  She has an infectious warmth that is balanced beautifully with instinctive insight and a nurturing approach towards self curiosity and reflection. With her support I have been able to trust the process, embrace vulnerability and find a deep sense of contentment and joy with my situation.

This has been a distinct journey of deep self awareness, physical and mental healing and the deepest relaxation I have ever experienced.  I can’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t have Breathwork as an essential part of my life.”Rhonda K.



Breathwork oxygenates the hypothalamus gland which releases endorphins and neuropeptides, creating a sense of peace and well-being.

The parts of the brain that usually talk to each other effectively get shut down, allowing access to different pathways and different parts of ourselves that we may have buried.

The technique also stimulates the vagus nerve, which helps combat anxiety and shuts down “fight, flight, or freeze” response. This then helps re-regulate the nervous system after being in a dysregulated state (which often accompanies the experience of trauma). 


A 75 min private session is priced at £55.


(Within the 3 month 1:1 Healing Journey, each session is £50.)


Sessions are either in-person in my home studio (Leicester, UK) or online via Zoom.