The ancient art of drawing mandalas seamlessly weaves together creativity and relaxation, making it a truly unique and inspiring mindfulness practice. 


“A mandala is a symbol of the universe in its ideal form, and its creation signifies the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy.” ~ Nancy Blume

This process of drawing mandalas is deeply hypnotic, meditative and calming, gently helping to shut out both inside and outside noise. It draws you joyfully and effortlessly into the present moment, eradicating any stress and worry you may be carrying.


It can create order amidst chaos and transform frustration into relaxation. Each seemingly random shape and loop comes together into an ordered, kaleidoscopic symmetry. 


My in-person workshops offer an immersive, enchanting experience in a lovingly decorated rainbow art studio, surrounded by twinkly lights, lots of plants and free flowing herbal teas and coffee.


It’s an opportunity to drift off into a thought-free landscape against a backdrop of chilled out, soul-nourishing melodies, and forget about the outside world.


You will learn how to create your own mandala – on an upcycled 7″ vinyl record – and take home your completed piece.


The mandala workshop will provide:


   • an opportunity to deeply relax and release any tension you may be carrying


   • a sense of wonder and achievement as you create and watch your mandala take shape


   • a time out for you, with no other demands on your time or attention


   • a space to learn something new


The vinyl will be prepped prior to your session, ready for you to design and paint your piece.  Pencils are used to draw the mandalas and Posca paint pens used to colour them in.

mandala workshop leicester


This deeply dreamy, relaxing three hour workshop will teach you:


   • how to draw a mandala (a technique you can take away and use as a meditative practice in your own time)


   • tips and tricks to enhance your mandala with details


   • a very brief history of mandalas


You can book a space in one of my upcoming workshops, or you can book a private session for you and your friends or family.



The workshops are held in my home studio, on the top floor of my house (up 2 flights of stairs) in Clarendon Park, Leicester. Address provided upon booking.

OR I can come to you. Workshops can be held in your home/ office/ yoga studio. Get in touch here for more info.