daffodils in bloom

The Power of Possibility

Just because something always has been, doesn’t mean it always will be.

These words were bestowed upon me many moons ago when the darkness of my world felt infinite and inescapable. I’d ‘always’ been depressed and so logically, but erroneously, concluded I always would be. My head had always been a hideous place to be and my body an unboundaried, volatile vessel, so the possibility of an alternate existence was inconceivable.
But the wise man was right. And I think I knew it in my bones all those years ago because I clung onto his words with every flimsy shred of my being. I’ve never forgotten them.
daffodils in bloom
We have within us the energy to evolve. Our habits, thoughts and patterns are often not as intransigent as we think. There’s an endless spaciousness within us for movement, for shifts, for growth – we are often not as powerless as we feel. We may feel stuck. We may feel stagnant. We may think ‘I’ve always been like this so I always will be’… but just because something always has been, doesn’t mean it always will be.
I am, and walk amongst, living breathing evidence of this truth.
Perhaps the anxiety that seems to pervade every single cell is actually transmutable. Perhaps the conclusion that this pain is irreversible is wrong. Perhaps that seemingly indelible but restrictive thought is now beyond its expiration date.
And perhaps it’s a lifelong exploration to discover which parts of ourselves are in fact innate and immovable, and which parts are ever shape shifting into a kaleidoscopic explosion of colour and possiblity. Can we lean into this exploration with a little wonder and willingness, and maybe begin to untangle the vines of the beliefs that bind us ?

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