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A mandala colouring page for you to print at home. Make some time for you, pop on your favourite chill music or podcast and see the design come alive with colour!

These are free so that anyone who can’t afford them is covered! If you can afford it however, and love my colouring pages, please consider ‘buying me a coffee’ through my ko-fi page. Drawing, scanning, and uploading my mandalas takes alot of time, and I pour a lot of love into the process. I would love to keep adding to these free resources, so every little bit helps. ♥ Thank you! ♥

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Simply download and print onto regular A4 printer paper.

Each of my mandalas is drawn totally free-hand. I use a compass to mark out a few circles as my guides, then draw the whole design with a black pen. There’s no planning, no measuring, no computers. Just me and my pen. It’s a beautiful, meditative practise and I’m delighted I get to share it with you ♥

I would LOVE to see your completed creations, so please do share on social media with hashtags #oasisinthechaos and/or #arttohearthealing

You are free to print as many of these colouring pages as many times as you like! Please feel free to share them amongst your friends and neighbours, but please don’t resell them.

Here’s to spreading much love, fun and colour whilst we all stay home!


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