womens circle leicester

Spring Equinox 2022 | Sitting in Circle

Celebrating the Spring Equinox with my gorgeous Sunday Soul Library sisters…
womens circle leicester
As always we shared our stories and our hearts, and today, chocolate eggs, against a backdrop of fizzy, dizzy, dreamy spring melodies.
We welcomed in the lighter, brighter days and together we drank deliciously nourishing nettle soup, handpicked and homemade with love. We spoke of the seeds we want to sow, and ways to bring in more balance, more nourishment, and more magic into our lives.
womens circle leicester


‘Just as nettle can turn a situation that appears hard and unloving into one of fertility, so can we. She reminds us of our power to shift our thoughts and deeds into a place of nurturing, encouraging personal and environmental growth, as a mother might shift hers to provide the best possible conditions for her children’s growth. Nettle can bring out the mother in all of us, and our world will be the better for it.’ (thepracticalherbalist.com)

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To acknowledge and imbibe the magnificent medicinal properties of nettles, two of our beautiful members donned their marigolds and waded through a local meadow to handpick bunches of stinging nettles. They then lovingly created and cooked a truly delicious soup for us all to enjoy together. It smelled and tasted absolutely divine, despite looking a little like sludgy dishwater!


As we emerge from those seemingly endless dark mornings and dark afternoons, we get to experience a balance of the day and the night, equal amounts of light and dark on the Spring Equinox.


The Spring Equinox signifies this soothing, energising transition, when daylight begins to over take the darkness, and we may too experience this shift within our bones.


We naturally experience these shifts and cycles within our bodies and may have been conditioned and encouraged to ignore or suppress them. It can be truly transformational to acknowledge, witness and work together with the opening and closing of our energetic portals.

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Together in circle we spoke of the upswelling of imaginative and creative energy within our souls, of seeds we’d like to sow for new possibilities and opportunities, of new projects and new ideas.


We shared intentions of letting certain energies go – where we’re stuck, where we’re afraid, where we’re believing our own limiting stories – and invited in more of what we need – more nourishment, more support, more ease.


After this prolonged period of darkness it can feel difficult to conceive of lighter, brighter days. Sometimes when our external worlds go dark, so too can our inner worlds. We can fear that the light may not return.


By coming together in circle, we are reminded of our cycles. We are reminded that after dark comes light, and that both energies need each other. We are reminded that after extended periods of hibernation come periods of productivity and possibility, and that when things may seem dark, nature is slowly unfurling, breathing beneath the surface and ready to bloom again soon.


Our emotions and our energies are like internal tides. They wash over us and then they recede. It’s deeply reassuring and enlivening to lean into this flow, and to share together our experiences of this. To transmute our often muffled, stifled voices into a delicate and courageous roar.

womens circle leicester

Spring is a time to celebrate fresh beginnings and be with that the aliveness that flows through your bones. Refresh. Reframe. Reemerge. 


If you’re having a hard time right now, if you’re feeling a little stuck, could you perhaps invite a little more light into your current experience? As without, so within.


Might you shift into wonder and curiosity, illuminating your internal world and meeting yourself with a little lightness and gentleness. Could you ask yourself…


  • What would I like to let go of right now?
  • What would I like to invite more of into my life?
  • How might I create more balance in my life?
  • What new seeds would I like to sow? Are there any new opportunities I can say yes to?
  • How might I nourish myself a little more?

By asking ourselves these questions, by opening the aperture to our inner world, we can start to experience a feeling of power. We can start to shift from stagnancy and inertia, to a feeling of forward motion and inner expansion.


Words consistently fail to convey the sheer magnitude of magic experienced by sitting in circle with other women.


Our deepest longings to belong – to be seen, to be heard, to be understood – are met so gently, so seamlessly, so enormously. The whispers of our desires to know and understand ourselves better are not only heard but they are amplified and they are satisfied. We learn from each other and we privately but collectively bloom together.


If you’re yearning for support for your personal healing journey, if you’re looking for a circle of soul sisters to whisk you into a world of love and nurturance, I’d love to welcome you into one of my groups.


I offer in-person and online options. Message me for more info, or click below for all you need to know.

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