I felt so blessed – TRULY – to connect with Olivia, and to feel held by her. I felt sooo gifted upon to receive such an incredible breathwork session. WOW. So Powerful. By far, the best session I’ve had in a long time. She is truly gifted. Olivia is such a big, bright, beautiful spirit. She radiates huge light and beauty! And so genuinely so. Thank you again for being the beautiful radiant soul you are. Keep shining your radiant light.∼ Wendy T.

Olivia has helped me crawl out of the darkest point of my life towards a brighter future. She was able to reach me when others tried and failed because of her warmth, honesty and courage. She has helped me to see the world from an entirely different perspective. Life is more colourful because of her. Niki W.

Olivia made me feel at home straight away. Prior to the session I’d been feeling life had become stagnant and was feeling low and unmotivated as a result. I came with the intention for a ‘shift’ and could feel this shift happening as the breathwork was carried out – I literally felt my body get lighter and the heaviness I’d been carrying lift from my body. I really feel Olivia helped guide me gently through a tricky time in my life, and helped shift my gloom to a brighter space. ∼ Maya S.

My Breathwork session came on a day I really needed it most and it really helped to settle me down. I’m so grateful for Olivia’s loveliness and how she held the space throughout, with soft words of encouragement and making sure I was doing and feeling well. It was a really sweet release, and I also felt some kind of presence nearby – a kind one. Honestly, I was a little scared about what to expect but it was truly gorgeous and I’d love to do more sessions with Olivia. ∼ Nat M.

Olivia created such a safe space for me to share and take part in my breathwork session. I didn’t know what to expect but it was so powerful. I felt supported throughout the experience and lifted afterwards. I was able to release my emotions and move forward. Thank you I can’t recommend you enough! ∼ Lindsey U.

My Breathwork session with Olivia helped bring clarity to an an issue I’d been struggling with for a long time. I felt lighter afterwards, like something had shifted, and I was able to see a solution that had previously evaded me. I felt safe and looked after throughout the whole session. ∼ Ginny C.


Olivia is such an open, honest and caring person. She helped me to improve my mindset to a new, better level. She has a power of helping people. Thanks to her I have overcome many of my weaknesses and made positive changes in my way of thinking of situations and other people. Ania S.


Olivia put me at ease immediately with her serene presence and authenticity. After my Breathwork session, the anxiety I normally endure  in the evening didn’t exist. I had an amazing feeling of peace and well-being, and slept all night without waking at all. ∼ Rachael M.


I came to my Breathwork session very frazzled, emotionally exhausted and low on energy. By the end I was feeling refreshed and revitalised – like I’d been through a pine forest! Olivia created a non-judgmental and open space for me to talk, which really helped me settle, and guided me gently through the breath. I’m now much more aware of the power of my breath to support me in the future. ∼ Leyla O