The Journal Circle – is a magical, empowering journaling-based sisterhood circle.


• Discover the magic of guided journal prompts

• Unlock your own inner power

• Connect deeply with yourself

• Experience the support of a loving community with like-minded individuals


Each month centres around a spiritual theme eg. releasing, self-love, boundaries.


The theme is then experienced and explored with journal prompts, a playlist and a full moon circle. 

Every month you will receive


• Daily journal prompts

• A monthly playlist

• Membership to the monthly full moon circle


You will receive daily journal prompts, released every Sunday for the coming week, centred around the monthly theme.


Why use prompts? Why not just use free association writing, or just write about your feelings?


Whilst it is hugely important to explore and honour our shadow and our darkest thoughts, it is also equally important to access our light. Sometimes this is difficult to do on our own or unguided, so journal prompts will lovingly, gently guide you back to your true self, your light within.


Journal prompts are an invitation to explore the hidden parts of you. You will be guided to question, reflect and investigate parts that might otherwise not be reached.


Writing from our hearts in response to prompts can bypass our busy minds and overactive thoughts. It’s a truly magical way to connect to the deepest parts of you.

The journal prompts will mostly use ‘I’ instead of ‘you’, as in my experience, this deepens the resonance when reading them.


The prompts are of course just a guide, and can be rephrased and reworked to suit you. I’m a big believer in finding what works for you.


Each month you will receive a Spotify playlist centred around The Journal Circle theme.


These are created from my heart to yours, with the intention of gently holding you, while you hold space for yourself. 


Do expect a lot of Beautiful Chorus ( who doesn’t adore swimming in their exquisite harmonies?!) and an abundance of other heart-centered artists.


Each month you are invited to attend an online full moon circle, with other members of The Journal Circle (and also The Soul Library).


This will foster a deep sense of support and trust within an intimate, loving community.


The format each month will vary, but will include a lovingly crafted combination of meditation, creative activities, journaling and sharing.


You will be free to participate as actively or as passively as you are comfortable with.

Any questions at all, please feel free to ask!


Drop me an email at or find me on Instagram or Facebook.


Can’t wait to hear from you! All my love, 

Olivia is passionate about all things healing. Having spent the last 12 years on a personal recovery journey from substance abuse and self-harming, she has a uniquely gentle and compassionate insight into this world.


She believes that connection with others and connection with ourselves is at the root of all healing and uses different modalities to explore this essential truth – 1:1 and group Breathwork, women’s healing circles, creative arts.

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