The Magic of Women’s Circles

Once upon a time circles saved my life.
I was fragmented & hollow with no manual for living, no container for my tears and no release for my rage.
I stumbled into these circles of ordinary people with extraordinary stories, who held my heaving sobs and defiance in a way that one person alone might have struggled, allowed me to heal at my own pace, and gifted me the sense of belonging I’d not known I was longing for.
Circles quite simply saved my life, and this is why I now offer them to you.
womens healing circle
Circles are the tenderest of antidotes to the inner ache and wordless pain of a soul disconnected.
Circles allow us to dispel our masks and reveal our deepest truths to knowing eyes and silent lips.
Circles teach us to listen with our hearts not our heads – to hold space for each others’ stories without interjection, evaluation or comment.
Circles create a space to see ourselves in others’ stories – to feel our souls mirrored, to feel ourselves seen.
Circles cultivate the deepest sense of connectedness and reciprocity, a soothing balm to the experiences of isolation and loneliness.
Circles offer a transformative not a prescriptive space, delicately breathing life into each of our very unique and individual journeys.
Circles… saved my life.
womens circle leicester

The magic of circles is woven into my bones and it makes my heart soar to share this magic with you.


I created The Soul Library as a seamless blend of my love for circles and my love for books. 


It is a place where you can come every week and be witnessed with love, listened to and supported, experience a full body exhale, and learn new ways of coping and falling in love with life and yourself all over again.


This is a space I hold with my heart for yours. An inspiring, compassionate community of wondrous women, deeply committed to their own healing and equally committed to supporting yours too.

womens healing circle
It seems many people are itching to say goodbye to 2021. There’s a pervasive sense of groundlessness, silent despair and inertia in the air. People are feeling overstretched, overwhelmed and utterly exhausted. Souls destabilised.
If this is you and you’re yearning for support, connection, community, The Soul Library may well be for you.
My brand new circle starts Wed 5th Jan 10.30am-12 and we are open for new members until Friday 31st December.
Message me here to join, or with any questions.
I’m so excited to welcome you.
All my love,

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