To the Rebels and the Weirdos – A Love Letter

To the rebels and the weirdos, the misfits and the black sheep, the outsiders and the lost, the disconnected and the disillusioned…

I see you. I am you. I’m here for you.

May you find your own yellow brick road, to guide you home within yourself.
May you dissolve your dalliance with self-doubt and develop an unwavering trust with the whispers of your soul.
May you find ways to honour your truth, not the truth of others or the truth you think you should honour.
May you have the courage to be disliked, to release the shackles of other people’s expectations and approval.
May you boldly and bravely bend with the wind, feeling the fluidity and freedom of new ideas and new patterns.
May you experience the rainbow of human emotion free from shame, ‘shoulds’ and blame.
May you know your value, your inherent glory and your worth, beyond the accolades, the achievements and the praise.
May you embark on a love affair with your needs and feelings, tenderly unearthing their invitation for nurturance and attention.
May you feel anchored, rooted & supported in love, witnessed and appreciated for your rainbow and your shadow.
And may you know deeply in your heart that you are not alone 💛
All my love,

Olivia is passionate about all things healing. Having spent the last 12 years on a personal recovery journey from substance abuse and self-harming, she has a uniquely gentle and compassionate insight into this world.


She believes that connection with others and connection with ourselves is at the root of all healing and uses different modalities to explore this essential truth – 1:1 and group Breathwork, women’s healing circles, creative arts.

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