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13 Gifts of Women’s Healing Circles

I’ve been sitting in women’s healing circles for almost 15 years now and they continue to be an integral part of my healing journey, and an integral part of me being human.

The gifts of women’s healing circles are ever-growing and ever-evolving. 

When we have a consistently safe and trustworthy sanctuary for our heart, it allows our systems to coexist and co-regulate in the most harmonious of ways.

And when women’s healing circles are held with empathic boundaries and trauma-sensitive foundations, circles allow each individual to bloom in their own unique and wonderous way.

There is something untouchable, undefinable, unexplainable about the magic of circles, but I believe in my bones that it is medicine for all humans.

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13 Gifts of Healing Circles

1. Immediate and profound relief from having to hold it all together, like a dam bursting open or a full body exhale.

2. Opportunity to relax about our inner weather and allow ourselves to just be.

3. Encourage us to stop interpreting our painful emotions, challenging behaviours and experience of adversity as signs of spiritual backsliding.

4. We get to speak openly, without judgement, about our feelings and messy behaviours, learning to hold them tenderly without condemnation.

5. Understanding that the traits and habits we hold with antipathy don’t define us.

6. The group’s gentle acceptance acts as a mirror, allowing space and an ever-increasing capacity to accept ourselves.

7.  A realisation that not everyone else is zen and perfect! We get to experience less comparison and more identification.

8. See and feel that we are not alone with our feelings, patterns, hopes, and fears, and feel the solace in that connection.

9. Have our light reflected back to us, and an embodied reminder of what we value in ourselves — empathy, humour, intuitive wisdom & more.

10.  Transferrable skills for the way in which we relate to ourselves and others. Sitting in circle fine tunes our listening skills and capacity to be an embodied presence for those we’re in relationship with. 

11. Through mutual sharing and open-hearted vulnerability, we see so clearly that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with us.

12. Enhances our sense of self and allows the development of a deeper confidence, yielding a more stable centre amidst internal and external fluctuations.

13. Provides an anchor amidst the sometimes stormy, inevitably bumpy, terrain of everyday life.

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If you’re feeling a yearning to experience some of this magic, spaces are opening up in my weekly women’s healing circles – The Soul Library – at the end of February.

Mondays 10-11.30am

  • We will be reading I May Be Wrong 
  • Starts Mon 26th February
  • This group is open to all genders

Wednesdays 7.30-9pm 

You can book your space directly here or message me with any questions here.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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